Fairfax County Public Schools Boundary Locator System
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The Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Boundary Locator System identifies the elementary, middle, and high schools as well as the Advanced Academic Program (AAP) centers for elementary and middle schools that serve a particular address for School Year 2023-24. Please note that school boundaries are reevaluated each year and may be adjusted by the School Board. FCPS provides no guarantee that any residential address will continually be served by the same elementary, middle, and/or high school(s) or AAP center(s). Any boundary adjustment will be discussed and decided through a transparent process with the appropriate stakeholders, in accordance with School Board Policies and Regulations.

Attendance at an AAP center(s) is subject to student eligibility requirements. AAP centers are one option for full-time AAP services that are available to eligible students in grades 3-8. To learn more about AAP services, full-time service delivery options (including AAP centers), and the processes for eligibility screening, please visit the Advanced Academics Program webpage or call 571-423-4740.

To identify schools that serve a particular address, enter the house number (example: 3800) in the House Number field, then enter the street name without street type in the Street Name field (example: Powell). Do not enter the street type, as it may not yield any results. Next, click the Enter button and confirm your selection on the next page by clicking the Submit button. The schools and AAP centers that serve your address will be displayed on the next page. Please note that the Boundary Locator System is updated in July of each year with any changes to the school boundaries for the upcoming school year.

The FCPS Boundary Locator System reflects the street and highway name changes approved by the Fairfax City Council and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. For more information on the name changes, please visit:


House Number Street Name
  Enter street name only (example: Powell).
Do not enter the street type (example: Dr., Ct., Rd., etc..)

To learn more about proposed school boundary adjustments and to view current boundary maps, please visit the School Boundary Information webpage. Countywide boundary maps can be viewed and printed through the Maps webpage and can also be purchased for $12 from the Office of Facilities Planning Services, 8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22042. Individual school boundary maps can be viewed and printed through the Schools and Centers Directory.

For additional information on boundary studies, or if you require further assistance with the Boundary Locator System, please contact the Office of Facilities Planning Services at 571-423-2320 or submit your inquiry or question online.